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saturday, march 17, 2007
Douglas with a dinosaur

This is my boyfriend:

with a toy dinosaur on his shoulder

One day I complained to him, “Waaah, my linkroll [“things i find”] uses dumb quotes ["], not real curly quotes [“”], unlike the rest of my SmartyPantsed blog. It’s so inconsistent and ugly that my eyeballs burn.” This got his haxor brain thinking, and he fixed it despite the wrangling with Blosxom and Unicode it involved. Yay!

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monday, march 20, 2006
The stylesheet has changed

The Jeweled Platypus is left-aligned? Blasphemy! But I like it. I mean, the design hadn’t changed for I-don’t-know-how-many years. The weird (“innovative”) alignment was nice, but I think I’m over that. Pages might load faster now.

I may integrate my links as posts. That sidebar thingy isn’t really working.

You will complain if things look more broken than they were before.

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wednesday, december 14, 2005
A combination of half-written posts

I got a new 15” Powerbook. Yay! The slowness, blurriness, and non-portability of my summer-2001 iMac was getting to me. The new screen is so much brighter; now I’m not sure whether I’ve been adjusting my photos to be too bright. Time to calibrate. Other issues: the battery doesn’t work and they’re sending me a new one. It came with 10.4.2, not 10.4.3. The only extra bundled software I like is OmniGraffle — be prepared for more crazy charts! But the Powerbook is definitely fast, sharp, and portable, and I love it already.

a sliver of my new computer!

And now for something completely different. This website is a collection of hacked-up old scripts. Instead of writing everything myself, I grab other people’s good work and customize it to death. I like things that don’t use a relational database or web admin interface (right now, Blosxom, UseModWiki, and Photostack) because I like to do everything from my FTP client. A lot of Blosxom users have moved to Wordpress or Movable Type in the past few years, but so what if it’s not being actively developed? I like it! The same goes for UseModWiki and the old version of Photostack that I use. Just so you know.

a sliver of me in my new t-shirt

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wednesday, november 23, 2005
Things that are good

The text wiki is working now! Almost. My awesome friends figured out the problem with it (line-endings and Perl paths), but I have to work on URL rewriting. I think the wiki had been completely broken for a year and a half.

They also fixed my space pen! The cap had stuck to the rest of the pen for several months, but somehow they pried it apart. However, my broken CD-ROM drive continues to stump them.

I like my friends. If I go to sleep before two AM, that means I didn’t hang out with them enough.

I’m going home for Thanksgiving this afternoon. Yay! I miss the LA Times, farmer’s market vegetables, and my sisters.

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sunday, april 03, 2005
Uh oh

I think I did something really stupid to Jeweled Platypus. I hate Transmit.

My last backup was in January, so we’ll see. I don’t even know how much has been deleted.

Update 4/3/05 22:21: I tried to delete an unnecessary folder in Jeweled Platypus’ home directory. Transmit didn’t get the message, so I tried again. A little later, I noticed that Transmit kept saying such-and-such file couldn’t be deleted. I reconnected (flaky connection, slow computer, etc). And then, I checked something in my browser and my stylesheet was gone. Panic! And a lot of things were gone.

Most of the stuff was backed up, but I have to recreate additions to the stylesheet and update hypertext. Half of my /news/britta posts disappeared and I don’t have the ones from February and March. I have the old missing ones, but I have to recreate their timestamps before I can repost them. Blah.

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