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wednesday, november 23, 2005
Things that are good

The text wiki is working now! Almost. My awesome friends figured out the problem with it (line-endings and Perl paths), but I have to work on URL rewriting. I think the wiki had been completely broken for a year and a half.

They also fixed my space pen! The cap had stuck to the rest of the pen for several months, but somehow they pried it apart. However, my broken CD-ROM drive continues to stump them.

I like my friends. If I go to sleep before two AM, that means I didn’t hang out with them enough.

I’m going home for Thanksgiving this afternoon. Yay! I miss the LA Times, farmer’s market vegetables, and my sisters.

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I wouldn't say I'm _stumped_ by it. I declared that drive hopeless upon initial inspection, but I mantain that I could replace it. Glad to see that the wiki works now, though. : )
Max on 11/23/2005 19:30:50

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