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sunday, april 03, 2005
Uh oh

I think I did something really stupid to Jeweled Platypus. I hate Transmit.

My last backup was in January, so we’ll see. I don’t even know how much has been deleted.

Update 4/3/05 22:21: I tried to delete an unnecessary folder in Jeweled Platypus’ home directory. Transmit didn’t get the message, so I tried again. A little later, I noticed that Transmit kept saying such-and-such file couldn’t be deleted. I reconnected (flaky connection, slow computer, etc). And then, I checked something in my browser and my stylesheet was gone. Panic! And a lot of things were gone.

Most of the stuff was backed up, but I have to recreate additions to the stylesheet and update hypertext. Half of my /news/britta posts disappeared and I don’t have the ones from February and March. I have the old missing ones, but I have to recreate their timestamps before I can repost them. Blah.

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what about the wayback machine?
d on 4/3/2005 23:13:42

yeah...they don't have anything archived from 2005. good idea, though (thanks).
britta on 4/4/2005 15:53:21

I think he means a REAL wayback machine...
kyle on 4/21/2005 08:45:34

comments are off. for new comments, my email address is


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