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wednesday, november 21, 2007
Ugly is fun

Here is a list of my posts on Nasty Nets for people who don’t read it separately and are Brittacompletists (aka mom and Lizzy):

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wednesday, november 07, 2007
Recent screenshots

an image-related glitch on some website a glitch on the delicious preview

my dock when i booted up in leopard 'and all the other books in my bookcases lol'

says '11``1\' says 'yes'

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sunday, march 25, 2007
Today I met a bunch of internet friends

This morning Doug and I went to BarcampLA (an event where nerds get together to be nerdy) and livemoblogged with the great and revered John Wiseman, which generated content like the following picture of a double-twittervision moleskine-note-taking session:

twitter vision in stereo

Then we listened to several self-promotional presentations, including a couple of amusing ones, and talked to neat people. Doug and I are probably going back tomorrow for more.

In the evening, we maneuvered over to Chinatown for some Nasty Nets Art Show Fun and were rewarded with grade-A surfing selections of YouTube and Flickr and other lovely artworks as well. I met some of the lovely members themselves, and after dinner and further intra-city maneuverings, it was dance-talk party time, nerds-only-style (no dancing required). There were cheetos (cheetoes?) involved. Also fun (fun?).

I think it is late at night (early in the morning? (4:30 am?)) and I will go to sleep now (before I write any more).

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wednesday, february 07, 2007
The art of procrastination

I made my first home page in sixth grade, so it involved an interesting dilemma: how could I balance telling the world all about myself with my concerns about internet stalkers finding me? The result is detailed yet vague, a portrait of my interests in 1999 — complete with animated clip art and stolen images — that does not include my name. Here it is. Note how I mocked the web-counter trend by including an applet that looked like a counter but gave you a random number instead.

Now, what if I was sent back in time to create my home page as a 12-year-old, knowing all my 2007-era web skillz? You might get something that still looks bad.

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