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tuesday, august 19, 2008
The quiet summer vacation

A Yahoo! parking lot.

I think that everybody who might happen upon this blog knows this already, but for the record: I’m working at Delicious and living in San Francisco again. I like it here.

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wednesday, november 07, 2007
Recent screenshots

an image-related glitch on some website a glitch on the delicious preview

my dock when i booted up in leopard 'and all the other books in my bookcases lol'

says '11``1\' says 'yes'

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tuesday, november 07, 2006
Blawg blawg event blawg

Time Capsule Camp took place yesterday, where Yahoo! invited a bunch of creative-type people to make interesting stuff for their/our Spinning Ball of Authentic Content project. Small teams of geeks with cameras and cell phones creating improv-style havoc in the streets of downtown Palo Alto? Yes, it was fun.

One of our projects; links to the rest of the set.

For the first part of the day, my team and I took pictures of the Disco Rex pharmacy, found a planted Trinity character who helped us find another character, made finger-puppet reenactments of movie scenes, and did other stuff designed by the Go Game people. After lunch, we uploaded the media to Flickr and Yahoo! Video, and later we watched everyone’s projects. We voted on them, but my team lost, so that’s not important.

They also plied us with schwag (yay!), including a sweatshirt and a brain add-on that reminds me to influence other college students into using more Yahoo! products.

Mostly, I got to talk to a bunch of interesting people who work on cool things, and I enjoyed that — quite worth missing a day of class.

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