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wednesday, november 28, 2007
Omnigraffle gets misused as badly as Excel

This is an Omnigiraffe (see “Thing the Fourth” on that page):

a giraffe made with omnigraffle

Related in silliness: the flowchart animal and the meta giraffe.

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wednesday, november 21, 2007
Ugly is fun

Here is a list of my posts on Nasty Nets for people who don’t read it separately and are Brittacompletists (aka mom and Lizzy):

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wednesday, november 07, 2007
Recent screenshots

an image-related glitch on some website a glitch on the delicious preview

my dock when i booted up in leopard 'and all the other books in my bookcases lol'

says '11``1\' says 'yes'

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thursday, march 22, 2007
It’s OK enough to show the world

My final assignment for New Media class was to use Flash to create a “new media work” that “uses a diagram or map as its interface”. I know that the only good Flash movies are entertaining (see monkey pops, la historia del mamut, etc.), but of course I tried to make something informative and useful — while wondering why I was having such a hard time. This is the result:

eat the map!!!

It’s an eat-map (ha ha, like heat-map) of the Santa Barbara area: a bunch of mini-reviews of restaurants I’ve visited with Doug. Then I wrote five pages about the implications of this project:

…my eat-map displays narratives, facts, words, and images in order to both memorize and communicate…these mundane facts are collected and pored over as ways to more efficiently exchange money for satisfying experiences…by putting these experiences into information, I reveal the shapes and forms within them: a spatial memory of where restaurants are, shaped into a map; a knowledge of how often we go out to eat, reduced into the sizes of circles…blah blah blah.

If you don’t want to bother with new media, here is my list of good places in the Santa Barbara area, ordered by closing time:

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tuesday, february 27, 2007
What is this trolley? An internal joke.

a weird little animated trolley

In the Proustian scheme of things, a work of art is an object that implies something that it cannot directly represent. The thing in question is the associative network that guides the stream of thought of the artist. This network of relationships cannot be experienced directly, but it does control the entry of sensory representations into the focus of consciousness. By presenting us with an ordered set of sensory surfaces, the artist implies the structure of the mind that ordered them, and thus conveys an essential aspect of experience that would be otherwise inexpressible.

From “Consciousness, art, and the brain: Lessons from Marcel Proust”, by Russell Epstein (PDF).

a weird little animated trolley, the second time around

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