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thursday, march 04, 2004
sat sat sat

on the way to volunteering at kusc, i played around with my camera and captured some little movies. i planned to add music to them later. (i took pictures on the way home.)

i did several of these music/movie things a while ago - zap, paz, smiley - but i used copyrighted music for each one. this time, i decided to use a piece of creative-commons-licensed music that i was actually allowed to use.

clyde federal’s “staten island ferry”, from the copy me remix me cd, fit one of the little movies in this coincidental, eerie way i was looking for. the middle where the song changes is especially neat.

my finished music-movie is a bit long (two and a half minutes) and gets boring in parts. the song is slow/choral at the beginning but turns faster/rockish. the movie is of driving through downtown los angeles at twilight. i made it with imovie 3.

blah blah etc. here it is: (3.85 mb). licensed under the attribution-noncommercial-share alike creative commons license.

the moving image contest winners over at creative commons are pretty awesome.

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