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wednesday, february 18, 2004
all hail my acute sense of typography

kusc (classical 91.5 fm in southern california) is having a pledge drive. they’re a nonprofit organization, and i need community service hours for school.

so my mom and i answered phones tonight, for four hours. it was a little weird and a little dull, but mostly harmless. they had free food - chocolate cake and potato salad.

the other phone-answerers were nice old nerds. there were about 20 of us. we raised $65,000 or so. that’s maybe 500 calls.

one was curious about whether high-schoolers really still listened to classical music. well…occasionally, i do. i don’t know about any others.

the best part was the cardboard box of promotional cds sent to the station. we volunteers got to rifle through it and pick one or two to keep. i just liked the covers - a funk symphony played by some czech orchestra, the “interior of christ” with indian-inspired harp and voice, and all that gnarly home-made cover art.

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