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wednesday, february 07, 2007
The art of procrastination

I made my first home page in sixth grade, so it involved an interesting dilemma: how could I balance telling the world all about myself with my concerns about internet stalkers finding me? The result is detailed yet vague, a portrait of my interests in 1999 — complete with animated clip art and stolen images — that does not include my name. Here it is. Note how I mocked the web-counter trend by including an applet that looked like a counter but gave you a random number instead.

Now, what if I was sent back in time to create my home page as a 12-year-old, knowing all my 2007-era web skillz? You might get something that still looks bad.

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tuesday, january 23, 2007
Blah blah blah pictures

Following are some examples of what can be called “low-level” automation of media creation, in which the computer user modifies or creates from scratch a media object using templates or simple algorithms…Image-editing programs such as Photoshop…also come with filters that can automatically modify an image, from creating simple variations of color to changing the whole image as though it were painted by Van Gogh, Seurat, or another brand-name artist.

I don’t know if Lev Manovich understands anything he’s talking about in these long essays with titles like Principles of New Media, assigned as reading for my “Writing for New Media” class.

The citizens of net artistry understand, though:

seurat and photoshop

Update 2/1/07 3:36: Recreating Seurat, put through the same Photoshop filter:


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saturday, august 07, 2004
like a noise

oh, the suspense.

well, i updated the links page again. the “essential” list is growing longer and longer…

too many links, too many links.

interesting sites: uncapitalized. a bliki. mattmagic. themaxx. robot frog (the picts are cool). evileye’s forest.

two crazy zines: misanthropic magazine and the jolted times.

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more? what, are you crazy or something, britta?

orbyn is full of self-deprecating goodness. “ninja polymath blues”. teehee, that’s cool.

get yer vitamin c addictions at slowwave.

I am totally shocked and amazed that there is never any buffering. Is it really streaming as I am watching it? How does ESPN Motion really work anyhow? could be a likely candidate for the question to the answer to life, the universe, and everything. oh, guess it’s not. i’ll find it someday.

blah, i just keep regurgitating links i find on other blogs. this is pathetic. must go discover new vivisection candidates! beware!

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crazy internet

haha, i have a ton of links to stick in here, but i’m too lazy to collect them all. for now, i shall give you…

radioneurotica and superbad.

start listening to radio neurotica and then click around superbad. what a crazy thing, this internet.

in other news, HOORJ.

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