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wednesday, november 28, 2007
Omnigraffle gets misused as badly as Excel

This is an Omnigiraffe (see “Thing the Fourth” on that page):

a giraffe made with omnigraffle

Related in silliness: the flowchart animal and the meta giraffe.

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wednesday, november 21, 2007
Ugly is fun

Here is a list of my posts on Nasty Nets for people who don’t read it separately and are Brittacompletists (aka mom and Lizzy):

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wednesday, november 07, 2007
Recent screenshots

an image-related glitch on some website a glitch on the delicious preview

my dock when i booted up in leopard 'and all the other books in my bookcases lol'

says '11``1\' says 'yes'

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