jeweled platypus


sunday, july 22, 2007
Little creatures on my shelves

a big green elephant, a small brown elephant, and a tiny orange turtle

a toy monkey sitting on wooden beads in a green bowl

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thursday, july 19, 2007
Between the end and the beginning of a year

My second year of college is over and I’m waiting at home for a couple weeks until I escape to intern at again. On my birthday, a week and a half ago, I usually list things learned in the past year (see 19, 18, 17, 16), so here is what I’ve learned this year: CCS Literature is a nice way to get a degree, and I might want to go to a library/information science graduate school, but I like my self-assigned website stuff most. I’d rather do all these classes later, when I’m tired of working. On my birthday I also usually post twelve of my best pictures from that year.

Anyway, here’s what I wrote from September to June:

This may be less substantial than last year’s list; next year’s list needs to be better. Also, compare that post’s picture to this one:

yet more clutter

Soon I’ll post a picture of my as-yet-unknown summer room in San Francisco, and it’ll look pretty much the same.

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thursday, july 12, 2007
Dense and mixed, tense and unequal, mostly yummy

These are tiny impressions of some places within walking distance that I’ve visited in the past couple weeks:

Little Otsu
I liked browsing through their quirky notecards, vegan wallets, handmade books, and arty branded t-shirts, but I didn’t have a reason to buy anything. That might have crossed the line into too much hipster anyway.
This cutesy gifts/clothes/useless junk/etc. store lacked the moleskine that I wanted but has a sizeable selection of greeting and note cards, one of which will be mailed to my sister in the Peace Corps in Mongolia when I figure out the right postage.
Taqueria La Cumbre, Pancho Villa Taqueria, Taqueria Can-Cun
Tasty burrito with grilled vegetables, a lovely sauce, and cashews. Dry veggie burrito with stringy broccoli. Delicious soft veggie burrito with hot salsa. To be continued.
Pork Store Cafe
I’m vegetarian and Doug is omnivorous with an emphasis on meat, so when he visited last weekend I couldn’t resist taking him here. It was nice and neighborhood-y on a Saturday afternoon, and our veggie scrambles (plus bacon for him) were greasy and good.
Tartine Bakery
This French bakery’s reputation means a long line and endless debates over whether it’s worth the wait. I don’t know; I ate a couple of their cookies and liked them.
City Art Gallery
This is friendly, accessible art and some of it is nice: understated urban photo prints, modernish feminist watercolors, wacky thick oil paintings, art glass, linocut prints, chunky jewelry, etc. Like all college students, someday I will move up from grabbing promotional postcards to buying stuff.
New College
I haven’t been inside here, but I got curious about the bright green buildings and found out that the college has a rather interesting history of scandal and dissent. It’s even on probation for its accreditation.
Bombay Ice Creamery
My rose and cardamom ice cream insisted a little too much on the rose flavoring, but I’ll be back for the plain cardamom ice cream. I adore cardamom. I like rose too, but I don’t need to taste like perfume. With ginger ice cream and more, this place might satisfy my taste for weird sweets like Sheng Kee Bakery did last summer.

I like this neighborhood — it’s part of what a city should be, and I have fifty more places to try in the next two months.

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wednesday, july 04, 2007
Excluding my close-ish friends for fairness

While I settle into the summer I give you five other blogs to read, in alphabetical order:

a building at Yahoo

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