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sunday, december 16, 2007
Round things on Etsy

I like how these look:

a plate of bunch of felt salad food

a purple octopus made of polymer clay, seen from above

They reminded me of squared circles so I had to find some of those too:

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sunday, july 22, 2007
Little creatures on my shelves

a big green elephant, a small brown elephant, and a tiny orange turtle

a toy monkey sitting on wooden beads in a green bowl

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saturday, may 05, 2007
I like this newspaper a lot

These are two of my favorite pictures from the New York Times recently:

a mammal
A wolverine, part of “A Featherless Audubon Menagerie”.

blobs of red cells
An illustration for “The Brain on the Stand”.

These are three of my favorite articles, which are somehow all about food:

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monday, december 18, 2006
Dorky non-comic alert

My comics for Graphic Novels class didn’t turn out very well — I’m not much of a storyteller, but I draw without shame. They ended up more like blog posts (click for bigger version):

my silly 'comic'

You, too, can be as cool as I am and obtain these pieces of paper, suitable for dorm rooms everywhere:

where i slept, usually

Things that will be on my walls eventually:

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