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thursday, november 30, 2006
A lack of categories

I should switch Jeweled Platypus to Wordpress, redesign according to current tastes, and then write often about shiny things in my personal voice.

Instead, here is a picture of my desk:

danger helvetica

And these are things I bought recently:

elements of lorem ipsum

They mean I am at the level of type-nerdery where I am kind of annoying.

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saturday, november 18, 2006
The greatest of Lizzies

My dad rediscovered something similar to “STAY OUT”: a list written by my little sister to convince me to switch bunkbeds with her. Her reasons?

  1. I get the worsest than worse night fright nightmares up on the top bunk.
  2. The sprinklers get me scared.
  3. I want to do a ticket booth on the bottom bunk.
  4. I almost always fall getting up and down the latter.
  5. The Fire alarm is to lowd for my tiny ears.
  6. I like hanging stuff on the bottom bunk.
  7. My shelf is to hard for me to reach from the top bunk.
  8. I won’t be sitting in your bed and you can have your drem catcher.
  9. I will give you a Dime and a hug and a kiss.
  10. I will feel so like having a heart-a-tack if no.
  11. I will cry if you don’t.
  12. I will give you a Present.
  13. You can sleep with Snoopy if you do.
  14. You can play with my blow pens 3 times… but you have to ask.
  15. I won’t inoy you on the 27 or Jan.
  16. One night I will not say anything.
  17. because It was my bed in the beginning.
  18. I love the bottom bunk so dearly so does my blanket and my covers please.

Context: the fire alarm system in our building had a habit of going off in the middle of the night, and these are blow pens.

As I remember, she did end up getting the bottom bunk.

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tuesday, november 07, 2006
Blawg blawg event blawg

Time Capsule Camp took place yesterday, where Yahoo! invited a bunch of creative-type people to make interesting stuff for their/our Spinning Ball of Authentic Content project. Small teams of geeks with cameras and cell phones creating improv-style havoc in the streets of downtown Palo Alto? Yes, it was fun.

One of our projects; links to the rest of the set.

For the first part of the day, my team and I took pictures of the Disco Rex pharmacy, found a planted Trinity character who helped us find another character, made finger-puppet reenactments of movie scenes, and did other stuff designed by the Go Game people. After lunch, we uploaded the media to Flickr and Yahoo! Video, and later we watched everyone’s projects. We voted on them, but my team lost, so that’s not important.

They also plied us with schwag (yay!), including a sweatshirt and a brain add-on that reminds me to influence other college students into using more Yahoo! products.

Mostly, I got to talk to a bunch of interesting people who work on cool things, and I enjoyed that — quite worth missing a day of class.

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