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sunday, september 17, 2006
Recycling old wiki stuff

When I was nine, I decided that people bothered me too much. I wrote the following (with many scratchings-out) on a piece of notebook paper and posted it on my door.


For these reasons, stay out!!

  1. This room is a danger zone!
  2. There is radioactive material in this room!
  3. This room is poisonous.
  4. You are suposed to stay out anyway.
  5. Guard dog on duty.
  6. Mad scientists are inside.
  7. Dangerous experiment going on.
  8. Explosives are going to blow up once you step inside!
  9. People over 11 and under 20 are not allowed in.
  10. Movie being filmed—Do NOT DISTURB!
  11. Pay 700,000,000,0 dollars every secound you are in here.
  12. No credit cards.
  13. You have to PASS MY TEST first.
  14. All people at the age of 13 can not come in at any time.
  15. All rules are strictly enforced.
  16. Angry people inside.
  17. Do not come in

One exception— people of the ages 5, 6, 8, and 9 and lastly 10 can come in. Rules do not apply to them.

I like people more now, but I still like this.

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