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sunday, march 14, 2004
steve, wonda, and cateye

the world’s two worst variable names. eeeverybody has a story about variable names.

i had some brief programming learning experience at computer camp. c++. weee.

we learned with partners. mine happened to be the only other mac person, and one of two other vegetarians at this camp. anyway, he had some strange ideas about naming variables.

in one of our little programs, there were “steve”, “wonda”, and “cateye”.

when he decided to name something “steve”, i protested, but i let it go. just one variable, right?

later, “wonda” popped up. i corrected it to “wanda”, but he said he liked it better as “wonda”. there were better things to concern myself with.

cateye was picked when we were planning out a different program on paper. i think we used O for a variable name, but then we figured out that we needed two different Os. i drew a vertical slash and there was…cateye. he thought that was really cool.

yeah, we had fun.

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