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tuesday, march 30, 2004
i drown my beliefs

my little sister got a livejournal. now, both of my sisters have livejournals. wow. it’s a good example of the wide-ranging appeal of those things. well, wide-ranging among teenage girls. not quite wide enough to include me, though.

sarah, aka sarajini. she’s 21, in college. since she’s in spain for a semester, without lots of internet access, she doesn’t update much. when she does, she usually describes events.

lizzy, aka melodyofdamaged. she’s 13, in middle school. lots of posts are music lyrics. emotion. etc.

she uses livejournal because “it’s the easiest un-stupidest thing. what else am i going to use? xanga sucks, geocities too. nobody uses blogger.”

for both of them, livejournal is a very social thing. their friends all had livejournals, so they got them too. they’re also naturally social, extroverted people (more so than i am).

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