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tuesday, april 13, 2004
browsing the collective unconscious

what kind of .txt files do people share on a p2p network? is there anything interesting to read? i imagined some secret bbs-like thing going on, people exchanging crazy files…or maybe just a bunch of readmes and software cracks.

i fired up my faithful accomplice and found out. i searched for “txt” a few times and i had a sample of 853 things. good enough.

this is what i found:

a list of the files i found

and a whole lot of files with mysterious and weird names. i downloaded a couple dozen of the promising ones.

guitar tabs for some inane song i’ve never heard of.
about crack.txt
installing a crack for macvcd. i have no idea what macvcd is. i figured this was about the drug.
a chat log, in french. who the hell shares their chat logs? poor alex.
a readme in german and english for a donation-ware font. i wonder what the font looks like.
Get every song you want here!.txt
awww, it just advertises a midi site.
heavy elephants.txt
a spoiler for some game with Greek and Norse soldiers.
a quote from Oedipus Rex.
Kniting Text.txt
exactly what it says. enthusiastic basic information on knitting.
information about itunes in what appears to be dutch.
about the app skinner, not the food.
also exactly what it says. things to know about the year 2000.

i could start a whole weblog of weird text files found on acquisition. maybe i will.

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you think that a crack for a program is a drug? poor idiot...
dirtyrado on 4/19/2004 12:16:19

haha, you misread my post like i misread the file. unlike you, i realized my mistake before publishing it.
britta on 4/19/2004 21:17:09

comments are off. for new comments, my email address is


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