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wednesday, february 01, 2006
Vegetarian Oedipus Complex

I had a dream last night that my friend and I were trying to breed puppies, so we had to obtain spinach and dog eggs. I bought the spinach, but the dog eggs were a bit difficult to find. We went into a sketchy part of the city and bought them from a prostitute. Then I wasn’t sure how spinach and dog eggs put together would produce dog tadpoles, but the friend told me that we just had to put them in tinfoil and keep the mixture warm (duh).

Which has nothing to do with the following happy bowl of salad.

a happy bowl of salad

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tuesday, november 08, 2005
A smiling piece of food

Today’s metacreature is actually a burrito. Why?

a smiling burrito

Well, why not?

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monday, july 12, 2004
Just a sheep


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monday, april 26, 2004
crossed with a proboscis baboon


(made on december 27, 2003.)

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tuesday, january 20, 2004
could be a sparrow (i like those)


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