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monday, february 26, 2007
Dandelions, daisies, buttercups

A survey of common weedflowers in Isla Vista, California:




None of them are native plants. (More about buttercups.)

What are the weedflowers in your area? Show me! You have an exception from this assignment if you live here too.

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I live here too!
Douglas Thrift on 2/26/2007 22:21:12

How do you determine if a flower is a weedflower or if it's just a regular wildflower?

boojit on 2/28/2007 08:44:08

They're beautiful! The dandelion is one of my favorite plants and also a common weed around here, as are the buttercups. I, too, used to eat them (as "sour grass") as a kid.
Lauren on 2/28/2007 11:48:14

i guess weedflowers are unwanted and wildflowers are wanted. if it's non-native, it's probably a weedflower.
britta on 3/1/2007 04:12:08
Lauren on 3/11/2007 10:36:51

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