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monday, march 05, 2007
Pictures unreasonably tinted yellow

I miss San Francisco, with its good food and public transportation and excellent people. Instead, I have Santa Barbara and a gigantic line of eucalyptus trees planted a long time ago to defy the wind. If you look into the distance, you see the ocean.

see, on the right - trees

I also have my desk, chosen and arranged like everything else. Each object has an origin story: the IKEA in Irvine, Los Angeles’ Chinatown, San Francisco garage sales, the pirate store, New Orleans, sisters.

plants and lions, oh my

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yay! i'm glad you still like the tapestry thing. i am playing with my website - i ditched the old skin for something more elegant (i.e. more britta-ish). hmm. i might need your help with html for aligning images.
sarah on 3/5/2007 13:12:38

I tried to grow one of those egg thingys but nothing bloomed!
fin on 3/6/2007 10:35:40

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