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thursday, march 08, 2007
An orange’s slow decline

Who? Me.
What? An experiment in fruit decay.
When? Indefinitely.
Where? The CCS Computer Science lab.
Why? Perversity.

January 22 — shiny, happy.

little did they know

March 8 — wrinkled, deranged.

that it would be their dooom

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The second looks pretty shiny and happy still! What you've got to do is take a photo every day from the same angle and position, and then merge them together into a fast slide-show situation, and viola! A study in mould. And it definitely wouldn't be smiling towards the end!
on 3/9/2007 10:06:05

*Every day for several months!
Kiwi on 3/9/2007 10:06:38

oh, that has been done and it's cool! see . this experiment mainly takes place in real life -- seeing how the people in the lab respond to decaying fruit as well as my strange attachment to it -- and i'm documenting it here for posterity.
britta on 3/9/2007 13:58:58

I did this in my third grade class. We actually did it with a few different things. Apples were weird and sometimes rotted. We also stuck cloves in the oranges to make them smell different.
Chris on 3/12/2007 15:01:30

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