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friday, february 25, 2005
The other kind of apple sticker

my collection of the little stickers you find on apples

I eat half an apple as part of my lunch on school days. One time, I noticed that my apple’s sticker had a tiny leaf on its side. A few days later, another apple had a little non-sticky tab on the side of its sticker, solving the problem of sticker residue. The tab was neat but sort of weird-looking. My conclusion: they should make that little leaf into a tab.

Today, an apple in the kitchen had a sticker that was even better. The bottom of the little apple on the logo was a tab — no odd arrows or weird protrusions. But the apple-shaped tab was harder to grab than the rounded ones. I have yet to find the ultimate apple sticker.

you are a blogger > you follow the strange trends of the blog world > you have a boring moleskine & you post about your lunch > you post things from your moleskine > you post boring things from your moleskine about your lunch

On the ten-minute walk to school: the smell of Burger King, a dozen iPods, homeless men, a woman hula-hooping, firetrucks getting washed, graffiti that dripped before it dried, a fountain that smells like chlorine, coupons for Togo’s sandwiches, and a lot of very noisy traffic.

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appletabstickerarrowwhagr??3! who notices that? you're a trip, britta. thtaa >> analysis made me laught.i love you
lizzy on 3/3/2005 18:45:36

mmmm apples
on 3/4/2005 13:24:16

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