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wednesday, march 24, 2004
complaints and ideas and teller headlines

twelve hours of school a day is draining me. regular high school, plus:

computer class. 3:35 - 5:40 pm. the teacher is old and burnt-out on computers. i don’t think she’s kept up with computer-stuff for ten years. she’s teaching maddeningly elemental things. i save my sanity by ssh’ing home and irc’ing the whole time. today, it was two hours of busy-work. blood blood blood. i wonder if i will fail this class out of boredom again.

introductory psychology. 5:45 - 7:30 pm. the teacher is middle-aged, far-leftist, and relatively interesting. he’s quite into freud. i believe that each of my classmates has more life experience than he does. we’re learning about perception and personality. good stuff like that.

but i have little energy left to write about the things that are wandering around in my mind, crashing into themselves and falling over and making my dreams full of frenchmen in archaic high dress outside my house, ringing the doorbell.

similarities between the satanic verses (rushdie) and the master and margarita (bulgakov). just satanic verses in general, awesome book. i love the language, the crazy stories, the religion. same things i love in both books. sarah told me about how rushdie was inspired by bulgakov…need to read more. social networks in russian lit, master and margarita in particular, so cool.

safari’s cool download icon thing; that golden prospects play (go see it); the power of ambition; photo essay on the shrine auditorium; the magnetic fields and radio play.

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Hey there...this CandyKid from Poetry Critical. I thought I would take a look at your website. It is defintely interesting and you write well. I have not read either of the books your mentioned, but I will take a look at them. The best book I have read lately is The Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. If you have the opportunity, you should look it up. Have a great day!
CandyKid on 10/17/2004 20:59:51

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