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wednesday, october 05, 2005
You asked for more pictures

plants and things

I have a very photogenic walk to class.

the view out the library window

When I’m studying in the library and look out the window, I see trees and sunshine and bicycles.

This week, I’m learning about Richard Feynman as a person, Barbary slave narratives, the genre of diaries, and population growth vs. food consumption. But now the bright line between what I get credit for learning and what I learn on my own is growing pleasantly dimmer.

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Richard Feynman. An exceptional physicist with colourful personality. Do you study Physics?
Jason on 10/6/2005 15:42:10

no, i'm a lowly lit major, but we're reading feynman's letters as part of a class about letters. next is chekov, etc.
britta on 10/7/2005 00:37:22

sorry. i just skimmed through the entry without fully reading it. by the way, i have watched a video you uploaded that is called "sat". what is the background music for that.
Jason on 10/9/2005 19:58:22

it says at the very end: "staten island ferry" by clyde federal. link: : )
britta on 10/9/2005 21:57:25

comments are off. for new comments, my email address is


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