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thursday, march 04, 2004
they were very formal-looking

from a daily trojan article:

from the daily trojan article

i walked past those people on my way home from school yesterday. they were inconsiderately blocking the sidewalk. i had to walk in the street.

i could hear the protestors from my window at home. it was a nice warm day and i had to close it because they were interfering with my music-listening.

politics is like, so annoying.

i mean…it was cool how the news directly intersected with my experiences.

the la times article doesn’t mention the supporters/protestors outside. i guess that’s more of a what-bush-said article, though, for a different audience.

i used to dislike my journalism class, but it’s a lot better this semester. we’re using the textbook and i find myself actually interested in what i’m learning. i like the idea of going in-depth on things that happen, of harvesting events and people for recorded information and insight. i like how can i read some article and imagine the process that created it.

at my school, so many things flash by without people thinking about them. it was the same with my old school - that’s why i tried to start a little underground newspaper thing. of course, it didn’t work, and it would work equally at this school.

there, it failed because everyone else was too busy being good, hard-working, complacent citizens of a great school. it already had a bland, awful newspaper; no room for dissatisfied publications. at this school, it would fail because everyone else is too busy socializing and doing as little work as possible.

and i don’t want to do it by myself, so it will stay scribbled in corners of my binder and the web.

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