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wednesday, march 24, 2004
sugar is on my desktop

my camera was officially broken, and now it’s officially lost. there are so many interesting things to take pictures of at community college: urban grit, weirdo architecture, students, concrete, trees, the coffee factory next door.

there’s the electrician-dude who drops off his daughter at my school every day. he drives a yellow truck with “baptist electric; your friendly neighborhood electrician; license #[something]; small jobs welcomed” on it in slightly worn, perfectly hand-lettered capital letters.

there’s the jewish school with its name on the side of the building in tastefully serious black painted letters. it has no windows. i want to know what is inside.

i saw a red truck a few days ago, evidently a dairy truck, with its cow mascot, “drifty”, painted on the door in yellow and white. drifter’s milk. it was a happy-looking cow.

i probably won’t be getting a new camera anytime soon. oh well. perhaps i’ll look for some old film in the dusty recesses of my house and take real pictures. i had a lot of fun once with three rolls of somebody’s extra black-and-white film and a rainy weekend. there’s always the little disposable camera in my desk drawer (16 exposures left).

i’m enjoying my imac less and less. it is terribly laggy. i miss the files i have stored in my currently-inaccessible ibook. i miss being able to take the thing upstairs and sit on my bed and design/write/think, free from internet distractions. also, i don’t like how it looks: the little plastic stripes and general bulginess. i dislike the whole embedded-monitor thing. i broke the cd drive. it ate bringing it all back home in the process.

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