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tuesday, march 13, 2007
Many standards arguments hide in these corners

Which is an extended color name in CSS, and which is an alpaca yarn color?

pistachio	blanched almond
midnight sky	seashell
barn red	fire brick
fern		thistle
old rose	misty rose
wedgwood blue	navajo white
denim		peru
mahogany	corn silk
nutmeg		papaya whip
dark spruce	antique white

If you said the first column was Honey Lane Farms and the second was web design, you’d be correct! Also, you’d be lying; you can’t tell the difference. Bonus: both color systems include bisque and lemon chiffon.

I adore CSS color names. They are a perfect opportunity for making sneaky jokes, such as using all food-name colors (chocolate, tomato, honeydew, salmon, wheat), or making a snowman snow-colored. See the happy post-xmas tree for an example which happens to also illustrate my deep love for Unicode dingbats.

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