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sunday, february 25, 2007
A taxonomic litany of trivial obsession

I have an innocent-looking folder that holds 77.5 megabytes of tiny OS X icons, carefully sorted into 20 top-level folders and a zillion sub-folders. In each folder, the icons are visually organized by subject, and I’ve renamed most of the icons to make more sense. Here are screenshots of two folders, “clothes” and “furniture”:

hats, shoes, and suitcases

musical instruments and chairs

Two of the other folders are organized as follows:

I don’t remember where I got most of my icons. They are stripped of copyright information and recontextualized into arrangements of associations, etc. Here are some of my favorite icon-makers, though:

InterfaceLIFT is the best place to find many more, if you would like to fall into this hole of low-level insanity with me.

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