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tuesday, december 26, 2006
They look better on paper

These are little typographical things that I mocked up for letterpress class. Numbers one and three turned into actual prints; I’ll show you pictures of them eventually.

a quote from a borges story

a quote from a bob dylan song

part of a poem i wrote

something from a book

Today, I read part of a book that uses text figures (aka old-style figures or lowercase numbers) and mentions MP3s a few times. They didn’t pay very much attention, though, and left the combination alone instead of making it nice…

text figures and small caps

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monday, december 18, 2006
Dorky non-comic alert

My comics for Graphic Novels class didn’t turn out very well — I’m not much of a storyteller, but I draw without shame. They ended up more like blog posts (click for bigger version):

my silly 'comic'

You, too, can be as cool as I am and obtain these pieces of paper, suitable for dorm rooms everywhere:

where i slept, usually

Things that will be on my walls eventually:

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