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tuesday, may 30, 2006
A better resting place than an elevator

On the edge of a grocery-store parking lot in an obscure part of Glendale, there is a cart cemetery.

two of them

two more

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monday, may 29, 2006
Chicago-style in the bathroom

New York subway map shower curtain + Chicago map soap + ???

new york city map on a shower curtain

chicago map on a bar of soap

I can’t find any more items like this, which is crushing my dreams of an awesomely city-themed bathroom. How about a Los Angeles towel? A Boston trash can? There must be more, somewhere.

Update 5/28/06 00:24: I found a Paris tea towel, which might work.

Update 5/29/06 01:16: My awesome mom showed me a London tea towel that she had in a drawer, but it was all stylized. I like the metro map things better. Also: London umbrella.

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sunday, may 21, 2006
Spot the intra-pant themes

I have sewn eleven patches and one ribbon onto my jeans of awesomeness now. The theme is still red, yellow, blue, and white patches from organizations that I do not belong to. Hoorj for eBay and WWII-era patch designers!


I don’t know what the yellow teepee is, but the one on the right is a Boy Scouts patch.

Army and Chi Phi

The one on the left is an Army Service Forces patch; the one on the right is a Chi Phi patch.

lots of patches

Upper left: Army Communications Specialist patch. Lower left: Fleet Marine Force Pacific Supply & Service patch and 15th Air Force patch. Upper right: Spanish Royal Rangers patch, which I had to put over a disintegrating Native-American-style ribbon. Lower right: Fraternal Order of the Eagles patch.

My friends question whether all of the patches are really necessary to cover up holes, but they are! Really! (Most of them.)

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sunday, may 14, 2006
Or is this a clever ruse?

Can I force the owls into a Hegelian dialectic? Oh, I think I can.


“O RLY?” is thesis.


“YA RLY” is antithesis.


“NO WAI!!!” is synthesis.

The first two elements are opposites, and the third is the resolution of those opposites. The first owl doubts the veracity of something. The other owl confirms that something is the truth. Then, the final statement combines the question and opposing answer into the third bird’s incredulous agreement. Rhetorical contradictions for the win!

Also, note the synthesis of color markings in the birds: white, brown speckled, and white speckled. Excellent.

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saturday, may 06, 2006
Noise complaints, a fire, and IHOP

Half of my house went camping and it was excellent fun, even if I ended up sleeping squished between four boys in a very small and cold tent.

not the relevant boys

three of the relevant boys and a few others

They also like to juggle. Or pretend to juggle.

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