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tuesday, june 28, 2005
An iTunes 4.9 question

a screenshot of the offending sourcelist item

How do you get rid of the “Podcasts” item in iTunes’ sourcelist/sidebar? I have no interest in listening to podcasts. I like to keep a clean sourcelist. Google is no help. Arrr.

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thursday, june 23, 2005
Squirrels and colleges

Oh man! All throughout my strenuous college decision-making process, I forgot about the Campus Squirrel Listings. I found this site two years ago and knew that it was going to be part of my selection criteria…

The quality of an institution of higher learning can often be determined by the size, health and behavior of the squirrel population on campus.

“Field reporters” gave UC Irvine one out of five little squirrel icons and UC Santa Barbara three. I guess I made the right choice. However, UC Irvine has cute little rabbits everywhere.

A squirrel on the USC campus.

The University of Southern California has a lot of squirrels too, but most of them are kind of raggedy-looking.

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friday, june 03, 2005
More high school stuff

My friends and other people graduating.

Last night was my old school’s graduation. I went, thinking I’d regret not being up there on stage in a white dress, holding red roses, part of a class of “women of right heart and great conscience”. I didn’t.

I could have been one of them, and that’s enough. I have something that I wouldn’t have gotten there. It was nice to see my friends graduate, though.

My friends, frolicking in the Pacific Ocean.

Today was my school’s senior beach trip. We threw people into the ocean and got sand in our food. We ate ceviche and veggie burgers and listened to reggaeton. The chaperones watched while guys wrestled. The bus driver got mad at us for bellowing at the top of our lungs.

The water was cold, the air was windy, the sun was out, and we had fun.

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