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wednesday, june 30, 2004
Doodly bird, I like it

While messing around in Adobe Illustrator:

A cartoonish bird I made while trying to figure out Adobe Illustrator.

It reminds me of the creature I made with flowchart symbols.

I especially like how these vectory things look when you scale them way down.

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tuesday, june 29, 2004
A puddle o’ vooty

For the grand fourth-grade class performance, our teacher, Mr. Timiraos, composed an event consisting of “Cement Mixer” by Slim Gaillard, a piece of Stuart Davis’ jazzy abstract art, and 30 kids dancing in Davis-style painted t-shirts.

Yeah…you know, cement mixer, putty putty (3 mb)! Lyrics from another blog:

Cement mixer, putty putty
Cement mixer, putty putty
Cement mixer, putty putty
Cement mixer, putty putty
A puddle o’ vooty, a puddle o’ gooty,
A puddle o’ scooby, a puddle o’ veet concrete.
First you get some gravel, pour it on the vout
To mix a mess o’ mortar
You add cement and water
See the mellow roony
Come out slurp slurp slurp

Yay! I’m not sure if this is the same painting we used, but it seems right:

Stuart Davis' painting titled 'Rapt at Rappaport's' (1952), oil on canvas.
(From the WebMuseum.)

So I’m sitting here, trying to rock out like my fourth-grade self. I think my painted shirt got worn out and thrown away, though. And if only I could remember how the dance went. Maybe I should go back to those journals and find some other memory to relive…the previous year, we did a Miró painting.

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thursday, june 17, 2004
Nutty, buttery, and cutlery

I made chocolate chip and pecan cookies! Mister Kyle’s moving into a new apartment this weekend (no more dorms, yay) and anyway we just like cookies.

I used a vegan recipe from my handy-dandy Teen’s Vegetarian Cookbook, but I used butter instead of vegan margarine. Hah! I like butter. Mister Kyle doesn’t. Oh well.

Last time I made these (with the help of Mister Kyle and Lizzy), we used coconut oil and it didn’t work very well. (Of course, it didn’t help that I burnt the cookies.) Coconut oil didn’t work well in our vegan pancakes, either. I hate coconut oil.

The ingredients: whole-wheat flour, brown sugar, butter, baking soda, baking powder, water, vanilla, pecans, and dairy-free chocolate chips. I only made half a batch, but it still ended up being 23 cookies (I guess I ate the 24th while I mixed them).

Mixing up my cookies, yeah yeah yeah.

A finished masterpiece, already bitten.

They’re good. The whole-wheat flour made them a bit too…wheaty, so next time I’ll probably use half white flour. Also, I wish I’d had more than an eighth-cup of chocolate chips.

And I even cleaned it all up, like a good little housedaughter or whatever.

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sunday, june 13, 2004

Dr. Dre + Dr. Seuss + square dancers from Inglewood.

Yes. Square dancers.

“Turn your partner, do si do; I don’t want no green eggs and ham; I want…Whoop! Square it is!”

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friday, june 11, 2004
Window shadows

The pot where my plant lives, and Kyle's socks.

Kyle's socks. He leaves them in my room sometimes.

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thursday, june 03, 2004
Your Lascivious Turtles

I have five and a half favorite bands. I’ve gone to four concerts, each by one of them. The half-favorite band doesn’t exist anymore. So, there’s only one concert I still need to attend.

The Magnetic Fields are going to be in Los Angeles (almost within my zip code!) on July 17.

One of my earthly wishes is fulfilled.

I went to a Yo La Tengo concert on Tuesday night. I only knew about it a few days beforehand, tipped off by random($foo). Aided by the driving capabilities of my paternal unit, I got a ticket at the door and went to Espresso Mi Cultura for some food before the real stuff started. They have an awesome veggie sandwich that cost half the price of the ticket. Anyway…

Nearly everyone at the concert, even the opening band, was ooold (like twenty-five or older) and boringly normal-looking. A guy or two hit on me. The stage lights were exactly the same as when Modest Mouse played there a while ago — what’s up with that?

Eventually, Yo La Tengo started to play. Yay! They played terrific versions of “Today Is The Day”, “The Summer”, a couple other good songs, and then “Autumn Sweater”, one of my very favorite songs. They played it disappointingly weird, but that was ok. The other songs were so good, they kept me standing in the middle of the hot sweaty pit even when I wanted to go upstairs and sit down.

“Nuclear War” was especially crazy. I think it went on for fifteen minutes and something actually exploded somewhere in there. Near the end, when it was getting quiet again, they played these amazing, painful, screechy noises…and segued into “Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)”. I think I’m actually getting the order of the songs wrong, but it doesn’t matter. The band went from loud, feedback-noise songs like “Cherry Chapstick” right into the sweet, quiet sounds of “Season of the Shark”. I loved it. I think I even danced. (Dancing is forbidden at Yo La Tengo concerts, you know.) For “Nothing But You And Me”, Georgia and James (or was it Ira? I don’t remember) did these crazy-sweet synchronized hand motions. I wish I took pictures, but they didn’t allow cameras and I had to hide mine outside in some plants. They did some covers, too: “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine”, The Kinks, Antietam, other things I didn’t recognize.

I was a little lonely all by myself, though. It would have been much cooler with Lizzy and/or Mister Kyle.

Oh wow! I just told Lizzy about The Magnetic Fields in July and apparently that is one of my surprise birthday presents from her and Sarah. I have awesome sisters.

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wednesday, june 02, 2004
Quartet of yellow birdies

I swear this isn’t turning into a photoblog.

Some little toys in a pewter cup.

A tiny, half-dead yellow rose plant in my room.

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