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wednesday, january 28, 2004
a day at school

finals ended yesterday and the new semester begins tomorrow. nobody tried to teach us anything today. i read a book.

i also took pictures.

after school, walking home

lunch, walking back to school

lunch, walking back to school

lunch, eating my food

eighth period, sitting in the office

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tuesday, january 27, 2004

today, reading this article about car colors:

Cars across the industry have just begun a transition period between neutral and bolder colors, Mr. Webb said. It is a moment of silvery blends named Cappuccino Frost and Light Bronzemist Metallic.

bronzemist? huh? oh…bronze mist? still, huh?

a quick google search yields:

looks like greenish khaki to me

so in familiar terms, bronze-mist is approximately #660. but that’s the scarf industry’s bronzemist. is the car industry’s bronzemist different?

looks like khaki to me

well, this is “light bronzemist”, or approximately #baa. it looks vaguely bronze-colored, so now i understand the bronze bit. but mist? is it a low-density mist or a pale mist? isn’t bronze a solid, anyway? after all this research, i don’t know.

i propose that we reclaim this odd word. specifically, through my new religion/political stance: bronzemism (accent on the ze, or on the em if you like). adherents are known as bronzemists. beliefs held: britta’s advertising rants are worth reading to the end.

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monday, january 26, 2004

there aren’t many young (like 15-17 years old) people with interesting sites.

know any more?

well, here’s a couple of weblogs.

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tuesday, january 20, 2004
could be a sparrow (i like those)


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tuesday, january 13, 2004
robots aliens fantasy-humanoids rainforests vampires

i watched a bunch of movies recently.

the rundown (2003)
in the rainforest, the rock has to find this guy, who knows where this gold thing is, and the locals want the gold thing so they don’t have to be slaves for the evil white dude. standard scenery, flat characters. the fiery fight scene near the end is rather amusing…there are some mildly funny parts too. good if you’re bored, i guess.
the phantom (1996)
evil guys try to steal treasure from thie rainforested island, but a guy in a purple suit protects it and saves the girlie too. the comic-book-ness makes it pretty fun…his weirdo suit, too.
short circuit (1986)
a robot escapes, becomes self-aware, and makes friends with a girl, while the nerds who made the robot attempt to retrieve it. cute, amusing…the archetypal ethnic-minority girl-starved nerd has some funny lines. quite eighties-saturated.
terminator 2 (1991)
a guy in the future sends a cyborg to protect his young rebellious self, because the bad guys sent another cyborg to destroy him, and the boy’s mother is weird. kind of silly, but entertaining.
starship troopers (1997)
three friends enlist in this army and do different jobs fighting alien bugs, inter-friend conflict ensues. fairly lame, even as satire.
independence day (1996)
aliens in really big ships threaten the united states and kill bunches of people, until the nerd guy writes a virus and they die. relatively entertaining, despite the lack of plot. the really big ships looked neat.
return of the king (2003)
a couple of guys have to destroy a ring, and a bunch of people have to fight wars to help them. lots of spectacle, and the characters had more depth than usual. too much hype, though.
blade (1998)
this guy kills vampires with weirdo weapns made by his friend, and a woman gets bitten, but she creates a cure, and they avert the arrival of the vampire god. parts look cool and the whole thing ends up being fairly entertaining. the evil dudes are silly.
willow (1988)
a baby is important and this guy has to save her from the evil queen, discovering his true worth in the process. the “people of different sizes are equally super-awesome” moral was somewhat tired. the morphing effects were cool, especially after watching the dvd’s extra featurette about how they developed them. they said interesting stuff about the morphing stuff in terminator 2 too. i think i fell asleep during the middle of the movie, though.
vampires (1998)
people kill vampires, but the master vampire shows up and kills a bunch of them, and this hooker is bait for him (other stuff might happen, since i only saw half of it). fairly generic dramatic vampire stuff.
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friday, january 09, 2004
hello there

yes yes, it’s been a while…i was at my grandma’s house in new jersey for a week.

a corduroy toy

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I’m Britta Gustafson.

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