Britta Gustafson

4.6 years at the College of Creative Studies

As a Literature student I am interested in books as technology: the history and design of books as objects, the culture of the production and consumption of books (including the parallel evolution of the genres of books and the study of books), their relationship to other forms of media and technology, their challenged role as our society's primary storage mechanism for information, and questions like "what is a book, anyway?"

This study of books as technology is part of my fascination with social forms of organizing information, including graphical methods such as maps, which finds application in the development of web communities like Delicious, Wikipedia, and Flickr.

Chart of all classes.

Books and information

Helvetica keyboard; humans and the natural history; the universe was justified
Beginning Letterpress Printing — fall 06

Books are permanent, or at least durable
Texts in/and/of Transition: Theories of the Book — fall 07

Historical and contemporary bookmarking practices
Reading and Transformation, Augustine to Memento — fall 08


Orientalism and The Adventures of Prince Achmed
Europe's Vision of the Orient — fall 08

Top 10 artificial humans in film
Science Fiction — summer 09


The Emigrants Project
Cross-disciplinary Models of Literary Interpretation — winter 08

Grids of tubes and wires (the city and the internet)
Cities and Modernism — winter 09

Mapping out Home and Homeland in King Lear and Macbeth
Shakespeare's Tragedies — summer 09


Isla Vista Theater and Colorado Boulevard in Los Angeles
Lower-division Photography — winter 06

Eat map
Writing for New Media — winter 07

A map of three summers in the Bay Area
The Book: Structure & Space — fall 08

Photos of Isla Vista, Goleta, and Santa Barbara
Independent Study — fall 05 to fall 09


How UCSB got to be an ARPAnet node
Independent Study — spring 08

Mapping the college
Independent Study — fall 09

The munitions bunkers of MCAS Santa Barbara
Independent Study — fall 09

Photos of UCSB and CCS
Independent Study — fall 05 to fall 09

Personal narrative

Fruit in and of Life and Knowledge
Malaise, Melancholy, and the Production of Art — winter 06

Harp calligram
Texts in/and/of Transition: Theories of the Book — fall 07

Pre-Columbian earrings, the Jeweled Platypus, and me
The Culture of the Copy — spring 07

Learning to see wooden poles
Reading and Writing Personal History — summer 09


Background: my photo of Industry, Navigation, Aviation at UCSB.