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saturday, august 07, 2004
AIM IM with sarah <[older sister]>

sarah: BRIttaaaaaaq
britta: saaaraq
sarah: that sounds so terroristic
britta: haha!
sarah: so wuzzup
britta: nothing much, home dawg
sarah: i don’t process that expression
britta: o my, i could not type that with a straight face
sarah: are you a home dawg
britta: hahahah
britta: YES
sarah: or am i the dawg and you are at home, dawg being an interjection that vaguely refers to me.
sarah: like d00d
britta: i was thinking of it as calling you “home dawg”
britta: as in you are my dawg that is at home
sarah: Oh! A complication that had not even entered my head
sarah: alas

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tuesday, november 25, 2003
<f8dy> picture of dorian brittabot

<tangra> you realize you’re going to one day be an 87 year old shrivelled wrinkly old lady. who, with shaky fingers, types ‘hehe’ into her irc client
<britta> and smileys too!
<Carlton> It’ll all be mind-controlled by then.
<tangra> of course bbots hehes will be always crisp, youthful and eternal
<Carlton> Maybe britta could transfer all her aging and evil onto brittabot, and retain her youth that way…
<brittabot> hehe
<britta> ooh…
<britta> what happens in a netsplit?
<Carlton> See, the bot thinks it’s a good idea

<Carlton> Or if the bot crashes. All the evil gets packaged up into a core file. That could be interesting.

<f8dy> just think, somewhere there is a parallel universe where brittabot laughs at foaf instead of loaf

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sunday, october 05, 2003
some more little-sister fun

lizzy: what are you listening to?
me: right now?
lizzy: yes
lizzy: what’s a vermon?

me: anything you say may become the internet’s amusement
lizzy: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lizzy: cool11111111111111
lizzy: oops
lizzy: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lizzy: all i have ever wanted is to be a
lizzy: ……
lizzy: how do you spell mime/meem/or whatever
me: meme
lizzy: yeah
lizzy: i knew that

lizzy: only embarrassing quotes go up on you and sarah’s blogs
lizzy: none of me being my truly intellectual self
me: say something intellectual
lizzy: *cough**cough**gag**curdling spit bubbles**tastes like my breakfast*

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