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monday, december 20, 2004
Fish heads and smelly children

A scary picture from 4-H camp, six years ago:

The day I killed two fish.

It’s the catch of the morning - and I caught two. Every morning, a dozen of us woke up at five to go fish at the nearby stocked lake. I ended up catching more than any other girl that week and won a fishing pole. We cleaned and smoked my poor trout and I ate them.

I started eating vegetarian a year later.

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monday, may 31, 2004
LA, not at its worst

I took two rolls of film with my old analog camera. Mister Kyle and I walked to the photo place, waited for a while, and paid $15 to develop them. Out of all that, I only like one or two pictures.

A man walking along the sidewalk.

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sunday, february 09, 2003

disney center

disney center and me

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tuesday, january 28, 2003
green beans

green beans

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sunday, january 12, 2003



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