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monday, may 29, 2006
Chicago-style in the bathroom

New York subway map shower curtain + Chicago map soap + ???

new york city map on a shower curtain

chicago map on a bar of soap

I can’t find any more items like this, which is crushing my dreams of an awesomely city-themed bathroom. How about a Los Angeles towel? A Boston trash can? There must be more, somewhere.

Update 5/28/06 00:24: I found a Paris tea towel, which might work.

Update 5/29/06 01:16: My awesome mom showed me a London tea towel that she had in a drawer, but it was all stylized. I like the metro map things better. Also: London umbrella.

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thursday, july 21, 2005
Neon green and purple

One of those scary pages I made back when I had iron eyeballs: “ikonoklasm”, my 2002-era collection of AIM icons. The little yellow birdie is still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet. This kitten is close, though.

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monday, september 27, 2004
Mustache mission

A mission from Elvis (indirectly): find origin and etymology of phrase “crazy moon language”.

393 hits on Google. Some of them appeared to stem from Things to Say When You’re Losing a Technical Argument, a list from 2001. However, “crazy moon language” showed up on Usenet as early as 1996 — on

In episode 27, season 3, “That Mustache Feeling”, the Tick has a mustache and says “I can’t read your crazy moon language”, confirmed by TICKisms. The episode aired on September 14, 1996.

There was another mission, but it was more difficult and I chose not to accept.

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saturday, august 07, 2004

a crazy story about trash.

i want this t-shirt. i would be so cool if i just had that t-shirt. want want want. i must consume. i am a hu-man. i must consume. woohoo!

this shirt would be awesomely cool, too. who want to buy it for me? get me a lomo while you’re at it, ok?

ooh, i feel self-indulgent.

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oo mu

this is for tobie. hahaha.

interesting weblogs: integer poetry. the alternative nerd. vitamin-d.

a nice censorware article. if you’ve already decided censorware is sometimes necessary, it probably won’t change your mind…a good basic read if you hate BESS and haven’t thought more about it than that (which i suspect of most of the people at my school).

teeheehee. oo. a distant cousin of mu. or something.

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