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saturday, august 07, 2004
geek code

heh heh voodoo toaster…sounds trite, but isn’t.

ok, ready?

Version: 3.1
GMU/U d- s+: a—- C++(+++) UB P >+ L E? W++ N+ o K w— O? M+ V? PS+++ PE— (++) Y+ PGP- t- 5 X R* !tv b++ DI (+) ?D G e- h! !r x-

um, yeah.

ooh, intertext is way cool. read this story. i think i’m going to go get myself a pgp key now. whee!

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tuesday, december 02, 2003

*new things in the pantheon.

the top right corner of my screen

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thursday, november 13, 2003
all my little words

the semweb ate my homework: a monday afternoon’s reading.

update (thursday, november 13, 22:27).

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monday, november 10, 2003

the top right corner of my screen

burnoutmenu and asm are shareware. the rest are free.

: )

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