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monday, january 26, 2009
Pieces of lint from my navel

Doug looking at a rusty old bus at his uncle's ranch
Doug at his uncle’s ranch; there are more pictures on Flickr and here.

Some of what I’ve written in other places in the past few months:

A few posts on the Literature Collaborative blog with notes about recent activities, including a pamphlet that we distributed on paper: The Very Unofficial Collection of Helpful Hints for New Lit Students (PDF).

The state of the Delicious hive mind in 2008 — an end-of-the-year post on the Delicious blog about the usefulness of searching the site (along with browsing tags) for all purposes, especially geeky purposes.

Toy Chest (Online or Downloadable Tools for Building Projects) on the UCSB English Department Knowledge Base wiki — Alan Liu asked me to update this page in preparation for his Literature+ class this quarter, so I did. (I took his class last year; here’s my team’s project.)

Social Computing in 2020: Bluesky Innovation Competition, organized by the UCSB Social Computing Group — I helped make this page, which is about a contest for undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines (deadline January 30, 2009). I’m part of the graduate-student division of the group, which means I go to meetings and talk about nerdy things with nice smart people. I like it.

Sky notes ➴➶➳ — a Tumblr blog where I post half-baked thoughts and links related to reading interfaces (including stuff about annotation, teaching literature, etc). Some of the items: blogs I’m reading, semi-organized thoughts, and a long list.

Into the Teeth of the Wind is my college’s poetry journal (which accepts submissions from non-students, including you) — I’ve helped select poems for publication for the past few years, but I finally redesigned the website last year and also got to design our 2008 issue. That was labor-intensive but I liked it: the first industrially-printed small book I’ve laid out from cover to cover. You can buy a copy for the low price of $5.50.

Also: more than 1800 replies on the Delicious support forum, an essay titled “Analysis of Discussions of Women’s Prominence in the Blogosphere”, another one titled “Typography and Class”, and notes toward an essay about Orientalism in The Adventures of Prince Achmed. Aieee.

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