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monday, october 23, 2006
The Jehovah Grail owl

This is what happens when you combine…oh, you’ll see:


Say it out loud. Also see the Hegelian owls for uh, context.

P.S. YTMND, but I think mine is better.

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monday, october 16, 2006
Keyboard typing, laserjet printing

Movable type makes you think about:

my project, macro vision

The little dingbats on the left represent an Apple/command key on my PowerBook keyboard…Gutenberg-style. My galley is full of Helvetica 14 right now, with some Helvetica 10 for effect (caps lock, shift, etc.) and various pieces of punctuation stolen from the Ornaments/Misc. drawers. I know the PowerBook keyboard isn’t in Helvetica, but I wanted to use it anyway. Yes, I’m enjoying this stuff.

It turns out part of my family set newspaper type for generations, which makes me happy: journalism and this laborious print design are antecedents of the things I’m interested in.

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sunday, october 08, 2006

Jeweled Platypus is sort of back. It broke after I changed hosting, and things have resisted my efforts to fix them. Hi.

My recent posts to the blog: hello! I am support, revision to settings, and new help pages. If you look at the party pictures from a few days ago, you might see me (I’m the girl in a tan shirt).

Classes I’m taking this quarter: Beginning Letterpress Printing, Graphic Novels, Introduction to Linguistics, and an independent study project with Max that may be revealed in time.

I didn’t really miss blogging here.

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