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friday, july 28, 2006
You are updated

As part of my commute, I walk for a mile and a half every morning and evening among the beautiful iron doors and tiny beauty salons of Judah Avenue. I think the free coffee at work is turning me into one of those iced soy decaf nonfat organic latte people. I could talk a lot about how awesome my actual job is, but that would just make you jealous.

On Saturday, I ate at a raw-vegan café for lunch, got hipster gelato for dessert next door, then bought a postcard from an Orthodox Christian bookstore, passed by the store with lovely Japanese bowls, and looked in the window of the shop with yumm red bean cakes (all on the same side of one block), and finally hopped on the Muni across the street to go home. I can walk to the beach, a hippie food co-op (necessary for large quantities of organic fruit and soymilk), and Saturday-morning garage sales. The only thing missing is internet at home, but that might get fixed eventually. You will see pictures then.

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friday, july 14, 2006
Reading a book

My dad helped me move into my new room in Outer Sunset yesterday:

dad, licking a stuffed snake

I have the weekend to explore, and then everything starts on Monday. :)

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wednesday, july 12, 2006
Apples and other exciting things

A long time ago, people called all kinds of fruits and vegetables “apples”.

“Long apples” and “apples of paradise” [1].
Apples that look like pinecones.
“Earth apples” in Hebrew, French, and possibly other languages.
Also “earth apples”.
In Hebrew, a contraction of “golden apples”.
Grainy apples.

In other news, I am moving to San Francisco in a week or so because is internifying me this summer. Yes, this is rockingly awesome and I am rather excited. You will be updated.

Update 7/12/06 11:37: Also tomatoes! Pomodoro is “golden apple” in Italian.

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