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sunday, november 30, 2003

i am the second-highest authority for the words wooo and munch munch (as judged by google), therefore i am certified to talk about onomatopoeia in form values.

bored of submit and enter and post and blah blah etc?

submit = squish! or stomp!
enter = boing! or plop!
post = stomp! or smack!
search = crunch? or rawr?
go = zap! or varoom!
clear = argh! or clank!
buy = slurp!    
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tuesday, november 25, 2003
<f8dy> picture of dorian brittabot

<tangra> you realize you’re going to one day be an 87 year old shrivelled wrinkly old lady. who, with shaky fingers, types ‘hehe’ into her irc client
<britta> and smileys too!
<Carlton> It’ll all be mind-controlled by then.
<tangra> of course bbots hehes will be always crisp, youthful and eternal
<Carlton> Maybe britta could transfer all her aging and evil onto brittabot, and retain her youth that way…
<brittabot> hehe
<britta> ooh…
<britta> what happens in a netsplit?
<Carlton> See, the bot thinks it’s a good idea

<Carlton> Or if the bot crashes. All the evil gets packaged up into a core file. That could be interesting.

<f8dy> just think, somewhere there is a parallel universe where brittabot laughs at foaf instead of loaf

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tuesday, november 18, 2003

nerd children

me and my harp.

me too! sort of. do orchestra nerds count?

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thursday, november 13, 2003
all my little words

the semweb ate my homework: a monday afternoon’s reading.

update (thursday, november 13, 22:27).

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monday, november 10, 2003

the top right corner of my screen

burnoutmenu and asm are shareware. the rest are free.

: )

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wednesday, november 05, 2003

final attributes

my nethack game was going nicely (even had a gray dragon scale mail from a wish), and then i choked while eating a fire giant corpse. level 14, 122479 points. not bad. i should know better than to continue to chomp on big corpses while satiated, though…

i’m still playing 3.3.1. i even play 3.2.2 when i’m at my mom’s house & the possibilities of her grape imac (with mac os 8.5.1) are otherwise exhausted. i tried 3.4 a while ago, but the os x version wasn’t great…i should eventually try it again.

best computer game ever.

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saturday, november 01, 2003
i know your ip address

gah. there is simply too much coolness on the internet.

how can i blog it all…is it all even worth blogging? infinite linkdumps aren’t useful to anyone, really, and i don’t have much to say about most of them except “mmm” or “haha cool” or “neat blog”.

my blogging should be a way to make sense of the intarweb, to contextualize and blah blah blah…but it just generates more coolness and aaah i can’t link it all, i can’t remember it all…

i guess this is where delicious comes in handy, to mechanically note everything i see…but there’s not enough metadata there, i guess. or i just need to get in the habit of it.

and anyway, there’s not enough time, with school and real life and crap. i wonder if there’s a market for professional websurfers…living search engines, people who have large portions of the internet in their minds, and can find the page somebody is thinking of within a few seconds…then the semweb would happen and i’d lose a job :)

hmm, what is my audience like? do i need to link semweb or do you know what i’m talking about? should i link all those semi-popular links or do you read the same blogs i do? i know, i should blog what i find interesting and my audience will shape itself…but then i have to decide what i find interesting.

“blog” six [seven] times in one post. enough.

disappointed idealist is no more. it was a great little community of crazy young webkids (including me for a long while) & hosted them for free. go see the remaining ones before they’re lost to uncertain hosting situations: reflecting, bigname, autumn, starz, clusterfuct, and oddly.

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