jeweled platypus


thursday, october 16, 2003
part of an old hard disk

a mirror and i


and a toothbrush

mmm, toothpaste. which should i submit to the mirror project?

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monday, october 13, 2003
periodic table mnemonic fun +

hi! he lies because boron can not oxide fluoride *

new nation might almost sign peace security clause *

arctic kings can secure their volvos

crazy men feel cold neither currents

zevon gave gerbils as semantically broken kronor

ruby seniority, you zither-nibbling mob!

could indians send strongbad telephones in xena?

linkage: poetic table of the elements, ichem (nice little os x app), pretty-ized periodic table (swf).

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wednesday, october 08, 2003
pretty like pancake batter

i semi-blindly hacked at my usemodwiki installation for a few hours and now text almost looks like the rest of jeweledplatypus. you might need to refresh the stylesheet.

sort of inspired by css wiki zen garden.

oh, and in the process of messing with crap, i broke saving. and there’s a bunch of structure & styles i have to fix. and it’s not nearly valid. so. yeah.

but now it is time for some chemistry homework. wheee.

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five more things i find interesting

(possibly loosely related to each other.)

ascii is too intimate

The problem is not that ASCII is too restricted a medium - the problem, if anything, is that text says too much, and that the medium is too intimate!

marshall mcluhan meets william gibson in “cyberspace”

Gibson’s neo-realistic cybervision creates a possible reality that scientists can model as plausible and which (according to Timothy Leary) technophiles can use to reinforce their identities.

the semantic web

Semantic Web researchers, in contrast, accept that paradoxes and unanswerable questions are a price that must be paid to achieve versatility.

cut-up technique

The cut-up technique is a specialised literary form in which a text is cut up at random and rearranged to create a new text.

in brains we trust

and then you die and they follow you down the street demanding that you grimace and say “brains” again.

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sunday, october 05, 2003
some more little-sister fun

lizzy: what are you listening to?
me: right now?
lizzy: yes
lizzy: what’s a vermon?

me: anything you say may become the internet’s amusement
lizzy: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lizzy: cool11111111111111
lizzy: oops
lizzy: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lizzy: all i have ever wanted is to be a
lizzy: ……
lizzy: how do you spell mime/meem/or whatever
me: meme
lizzy: yeah
lizzy: i knew that

lizzy: only embarrassing quotes go up on you and sarah’s blogs
lizzy: none of me being my truly intellectual self
me: say something intellectual
lizzy: *cough**cough**gag**curdling spit bubbles**tastes like my breakfast*

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wednesday, october 01, 2003
high school

three of my friends

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I’m Britta Gustafson.

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