jeweled platypus


tuesday, september 30, 2003
tiki & part of a lamp




green and brown (mmm, earthy)

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sunday, september 28, 2003
realistically colored, for once


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saturday, september 20, 2003
smilin unharmful eyes

an I shall drift off in dreams
an climb velvet carpets up t the stars
with newsweek magazines burnin an disappointin
people smoulderin an discustin tongues blazin
an jealous mongrel dogs walkin on hot coals
before my smilin unharmful eyes
(of such nitemares)

a letter from bob dylan (broadside magazine, january 1964)

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the macro button is fun

some books on my desk

yep, some keys on my desk

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thursday, september 18, 2003
aka artemis


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I’m Britta Gustafson.

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