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monday, december 16, 2002
fractal noise

i downloaded easy fractal…it’s the best! woohoo i’m having fun with that little thing! go get sound studio too! one funny thing about recording your own voice and listening to it: you hear your friends in it. it’s strange. i sound so much like them.

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friday, december 13, 2002


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tuesday, december 03, 2002
growing free

one of my earliest introductions to the craziness of the internet was this “frames are evil” site. i was rather indifferent to frames myself, but it had a long list of sites with “evil” frames. i sat there in my mom’s classroom (she was teaching sixth grade at my school) and filled the long after-school hours by methodically clicking each link and looking at the sites. hundreds of them. the only site i remember from that list was one written in japanese, which didn’t display in whatever crappy browser i was using.

another adventure from those days of fourth grade: a guestbook on some site with desktops or something to download.

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